• Coding & Design,
    Creativity Starts Here

    Programming isn't just lines of codes! Right?
    PCinvent knows both designs & codes.
    Clean, simple & pretty as always.

  • Script Automation

    C# & Java expert on application development,
    PCinvent scale up to the finanical market and
    corporation business automation.

  • 20 years in Web Development

    PCinvent Studio, the truely rich experienced
    information technology leader that mean to
    suprise your web presentation.

Without mastering both design and programming, a developer is simply not a good developer. As a matter of fact, PCinvent has been working hard on both for 18 years.
- Andy Ng May 2012

About PCinvent Studio

A leading technolgy specialist on web development, graphic design and application programming. PCinvent is fully experienced from small to large scale projects in any aspects. And, truely strengthen business tomorrow.
Managing investment funds, PCinvent developes trading automation softwares and alrogitmic trading strategies to trade on financial market with our knowledge of technology seamlessly. Learn more

Works & Products

PCinvent develops own information systems such as content mangement, photo gallery, automation applications, trading softwares and strategies. PCinvent knows how a user friendly product should be designed since the systems were already built from scratch. Learn more

Technology Blog

These are the articles PCinvent commited to the public, feel free to comment and download the resources for free. PCinvent concerntrade on the web development, graphic design, application programming, trading automation and system architecture. Learn more