Increase phpMyAdmin Import Size Limit | 2007-12-14

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[[phpMyadmin]] will only allows you to import file no more than 2mb. If your project database size is more than that you may need to split the file into few parts which will be very time consuming. Or you can do [[MySQL]] dump by command. So, here is the fine solution that you can change the setting on your hosting sever......

cd  www\phpmyadmin\libraries

locate the file “common.lib.php”

open it

goto line 183

you will see things like below ….

$scan[’MB’] = 1048576;
$scan[’Mb’] = 1048576;
$scan[’M'] =  1048576;
$scan[’m'] =  1048576;
$scan[’KB’] = 1024;
$scan[’Kb’] = 1024;
$scan[’K'] = 1024;
$scan[’k'] = 1024;

Then increase the size of’ all ‘M’ .

Run your phpMyAdmin and Enjoy!