Web Development

Latest: 2016-04-15 MEAN Stack Part 1

It is finally a good time to pick up MEAN Stack and practice more of my Javascript lanaguage.
Since I graduated with JAVA background with some J2EE acdemic projects many years ago, I however mostly used LAMP and C# for my professional projects.

It is a good time to recall all my skills on JS while I am going to Pick up MEAN stack from now in a week. I worked for certian projects in front-end, but mixing of too many different languages now in my mind do make me confused if not s ......

Application Programming

Latest: 2013-04-19 Fast Remove Recursively in Linux

To delete folders recursively, we all know to use:

rm -rf /mydir/foldername

To delete files recursively, we do:

find mydir/ -iname "*filename.extension_name" -exec rm {} \;


Graphic Design

Latest: 2007-12-01 When Adobe leads the Design World

After Adobe bought the Marcomedia, Ulead was collapsed and Corel Draw and Painter do not seems to have that much response in the global market. Hence, follwing the step of Adobe is now a very clear decision to most designers. But for software developer, it still left doubt what we should choose. Microsoft.Net or Java......


Few Years before, when I had a design project, I would be very confused what softwares I should choose to delivery the best product. That's w ......

System Administration

Latest: 2013-04-08 Annoying Windows CMD File Wildcard Bugs

This is a Windows "smart" short name caused/wasted me a day to figure out what's going on when it comes the time I have to run batch on million files.
If you do a very simple copy, move or even dir, the result isn't what's you expected, this might be very high chance Windows smart short file name (8dot3name) bugs are fooling you. Nothing wrong with your script or the commands you are tying. Yes, it is Windows bugs ever si ......