Drupal vs Joomla - Joomla vs Drupal - Drupal Joomla Comparision | 2011-06-03

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From my experience on CMS of Xoops, Mambo, Joomla and Drupal.
Drupal is like a J2EE in PHP to me. (too much work and standards, look at how many people fear of J2EE today, especially for small to medium project)
Yes, it is flexible, but you spent too much time for the work that is actually can be done more than triple times faster.
Or hey Jooml's exntesion are mostly just plug-n-play. Why most Drupal module has to code the module, view, page, node, etc yourself? Why every drupal module has ugly look. Yes, we are the programmers/designers, but can you just release more complete extensions instead of throwing the grabages in your repository. Totally wasting our time.
Yes, flexibility. I know. But, if the project is such complicate, I will rather pick PHP MVC framework to start it.Such as Codeigniter which is the clean, fast, simply, easy PHP framework so far to me.
In google trend, Joomla is much more popular than Drupal. http://www.google.com/trends?q=joomla%2C+drupal&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0
Drupal has good design? Forget about it. Drupal today doesn't even adapt MVC and has no idea how to organize their system structure. Joomla on the other hand already implemented its MVC architecture since last version which is Joomla V1.5. Drupal is still "proud" of it human non-readable hook system and node craziness.

Drupal, can you please don't claim yourself to be professional in PHP? Such a shame! You are actually a high-curve, poor amount of extension, horrible development progress, strange architecture design "content management system". If you are a CMS, can you just let it be CMS that is plug-n-play like Joomla does?
If one study your million different API syntax, why doesn't he/she just go for easier plug-n-play Joomla CMS or use Codeigniter PHP framework to work for more complicated & easier extended project.
Drupal, you are wasting PHP developer's time and customer's money! I can see it will be faded away one day soon. Period.